Jill Caldwell
Jill Caldwell is a market researcher and social trends analyst with over twenty years research experience at various research companies. Her company Windshift Ltd works with some of New Zealand’s leading companies and agencies, using quite a unique form of ‘action research’ which helps clients to not only recognise what needs to change but also how to make the change.

8 Tribes helps Windshift’s researchers to see hidden patterns of motivation and culture which can often make the difference between success and failure.

Jill’s ultimate goal is to help New Zealand to become a richer and more vibrant place so she focuses on projects where there is social or economic benefit – like helping local firms to grow or government agencies to be more focused and successful in achieving their goals.

Contact Jill Caldwell
Website: www.windshift.co.nz

Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown is the director of Sputnik, a Wellington marketing strategy and PR agency. His day job involves advising brands and individuals on how to connect with the different tribes of New Zealanders through their brand strategy and marketing campaigns.

He studied history at the University of Canterbury and Japanese political economy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Prior to his career in PR, he was a translator of Japanese for the New Zealand government, a dishwasher in Japan, a print factory labourer and book editor in Christchurch.

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Website: www.sputnik.co.nz